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First class physiotherapy professional we use  evidenced based treatment. We diagnose the cause and provide you with the best possible treatment. VIEW MORE

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Why choose us?

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“Highly recommended. Shayam will listen to exactly to what you have to say and explains everything very clearly. He will answer all your questions and never feel rushed. He will take his time with you on your treatments. Also a great place for a massage for those injuries :)”

Jimmy Acosta

“Dr. Shayam was great! Friendly and personable. He seemed genuine and treated me like a person above a patient. The clinic is conveniently located and my appointments ALWAYS ran on time- I was never left waiting! Booking was easy online or in person”

Kayla Duffield

“Exceptional care. Shaymn really puts his clients first. Goes the extra mile to ensure you’re back to optimal functioning level.
Step by step direction in the exercises
I was extremely happy to have found this place unlike where I went before.
Highly recommended Physiotherapist who listens and addresses your need.

Sheryl Dawkins

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Before talking with your therapist

  • Decide what questions are most important to ask the therapist.
  • Be honest with your therapist.
  • Share your point of view about the visit with your therapist.
  • Stay focused on why you are there.
  • Remember -recovery takes time